Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issues recommendation requesting Bollywood films to have credits in Hindi

The I&B Ministry has issued a recommendation on 26th July, 2018 stating that Hindi films should have credits in Hindi. This step has been taken in order to ensure that people who do not know English and are watching the movie are not deprived of information about the cast and crew.

The recommendation reads as under:

“It has been noticed that majority of the Feature Films in Hindi language contain credits (information about the Producer, Director, Music director, Actors, Technicians, composers, etc) in English language though the language of the films is Hindi. Logically, the credits of the film should be in the same language as that of the film so that people who are not conversant with English are not deprived of the information relating to the cast and crew.

It is therefore, requested to kindly motivate and persuade your associated members to show credits in Hindi Films either in Hindi only or bilingually, where one of the languages will be in Hindi. This will be helpful in their own interest as the information about credits of the film in Hindi will be accessible to all the viewers who are watching Hindi films.”

As per certain reports, the recommendation will be put into effect in a month’s time. Some reports have stated that the requirement is mandatory and that producers would need to show credits in both English and Hindi language. However, the text of the recommendation does not seem to suggest so. The language used in the recommendation ‘requests’ the film makers to have credits in both languages or only in Hindi.

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