A Week Before Release Kamal Haasan-starrer Vishwaroopam 2 Faces Legal Trouble

Reportedly, the Madras High Court on Friday i.e. 3rd August, 2018 has ordered actor Kamal Haasan’s production house Rajkamal Films International to file a reply by Monday in connection with a suit that seeks to stall the release of Kamal Haasan-starrer Vishwaroopam 2 (the “Film”) on 10th August, 2018, amongst other things.

Pyramid Saimira Productions (the “Petitioner”), an entertainment company, has approached the Madras High Court to restrain the release of the Film over unpaid dues to the tune of Rs 7.75 crores. The petitioner claimed that the money could not be collected from Kamal Haasan if the Film was allowed to be released.

According to an affidavit filed by the Petitioner, it had entered into a memorandum of understanding with Rajkamal Films on 2nd April, 2008 for co-production of a film titled Marmayogi at an estimated budget of Rs 100 crore.

An amount of Rs 10.90 crore was paid to Rajkamal Films in two instalments towards the remuneration of Haasan for acting, directing and writing the story, screenplay and dialogue of the film.

In pursuance of the MoU, the Petitioner paid to Rajkamal Films an amount of ₹6.9 crore towards production costs and ₹4 crore towards remuneration for Mr. Haasan, who had reportedly agreed to play the lead, besides writing the story, screenplay and dialogues of the Film. The acknowledgement of the said amount was made through a confirmation letter dated 25th September, 2008 the petitioner stated.

The Petitioner accused Kamal Haasan of diverting the payment made by it for Marmayogi to release another film titled ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ and alleged that Haasan never showed interest in commencing the production of Marmayogi even after due payment was made.

Back in 2011, the Petitoner had filed a civil suit for recovery of the amount disbursed to Rajkamal Films towards production of Marmayogi and sought an interim relief restraining the release of Unnaipol Oruvan. However, the Madras High Court subsequently allowed the release upon furnishing of a bank guarantee from Rajkamal Films.

In 2016, the Petitioner filed another civil suit for recovery of the remuneration paid to Kamal Haasan with interest. The Petitioner alleged that as on 2016, an amount of Rs. 5.44 crores remained outstanding, that has now increased to Rs. 7.75 crores along with interest.

“On inquiries, we are given to understand that Kamal Haasan is heavily indebted to various creditors, having borrowed huge amounts from various persons to meet the production expenses of his forthcoming film, Vishwaroopam 2. Since he is not able to repay any of the creditors, he is planning to release the film through Aascar Films so as to defeat, delay and defraud his creditors, including ourselves”, the petitioner submitted to the Court.

As an interim relief, the Petitioner has moved the Madras High Court once again to restrain Kamal Haasan from releasing the Film either directly or through garnishees, pending final disposal of the suit.

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