Madras High Court rules that AVM Studios is the absolute owner of copyright in the 1963-Gemini starrer ‘Karpagam’

As per reports, in a four year old suit filed by AVM Film Studios seeking permanent injunction against K S Sabarinathan, proprietor, Amarjyothi Films, AVM Limited, V Sankaran and G Sathya from interfering or infringing the plaintiff’s “entire world negative rights and copyright” of the Tamil film ‘Karpagam’, the Madras High Court has ruled in favour of AVM Film Studios and held that they are the absoulute owners of the entire world negative rights and copyright of the said film.

Granting the relief, Justice M Sunder directed AVM Film Studios to quantify the damages and to claim or pursue its remedy available in law for recovering such damages from the defendants.

The judge directed the defendants to pay the cost of the suit to the plaintiff.

Originally the film was produced by Sabarinathan and it was released on November 15, 1963. According to the counsel for AVM Film Studios, Sabarinathan took a loan of Rs 4 lakh from AVM Limited. In 1964, the producer had assigned his share in the entire world negative rights absolutely in favour of AVM Limited for 99 years and transferred the negatives in their favour. Subsequently, AVM Limited, in 2005, assigned all rights of the film without any reservation whatsoever to Sankaran. Sankaran, under a letter of arrangement in 2006, assigned to AVM Films Studios all aforesaid rights without any limitation whatsoever.

The court said all rights have been obtained by the plaintiff for the period up to October 31,2062 and AVM film studios has established their case.