Madras High Court grants John Doe order for the film ‘Pari’ [READ ORDER]

The Madras High Court on March 2, 2018 granted John Doe order for Anushka Sharma starrer ‘Pari’. The order can be viewed here. I had reported earlier today about the John Doe suit being filed in the Madras High Court and Letters Patent application being allowed.

The Court granted an interim injunction restraining the respondents or any other person or entity (John Doe) from infringing copyright in the said movie in any manner so as to prevent transmission, communication, display and exhibition of the said movie. The Court further held that for this purpose, if blocking of websites/ web pages set out in the Schedule becomes necessary, respondent ISPs shall do so.  The interim injunction is operative for a period of three weeks till 23.08.2018.

The order mentions 37 ISPs, 5 cable operators and lists around 2785 rogue websites in the schedule.

Hat tip: Lavin Hirani, Media and Entertainment lawyer-Mumbai

Image source: here