Kings XI Punjab agrees to deposit INR 3.76 lacs with the Delhi High Court in a contempt application filed by ISRA [READ ORDER]

In a contempt application filed by the Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA) against Kings XI Punjab, the IPL team agreed to deposit a sum of INR 3,76,160/- with the Delhi High Court. [Read order]. As confirmed by Mr. Sanjay Tandon (CEO & MD-ISRA), this amount is towards the 2018 matches. The amounts towards the 2015-17 matches were deposited earlier by Kings XI Punjab.  The contempt application was filed by ISRA in a 2016 suit which was against 10 IPL teams, of which 9 teams had settled. Kings XI Punjab is the only team which is contesting the suit.

The Delhi High Court had vide order dated August 8, 2016 granted an ex-parte injunction restraining the defendants from communicating to the public (via radio, TV, mobile phones or any other medium), ISRA’s repertoire during IPL matches, comprising of performances of all its members (live or recorded), which it is authorized to administer in India, without obtaining a “performer’s rights clearance certificate” from ISRA, or doing any act infringing the performers’ rights or the right to receive royalties of ISRA members.

Subsequent to this order, all other defendants, save and except Kings XI Punjab settled the matter with ISRA. Kings XI Punjab had undertaken not to play ISRA’s repertoire during their matches. However, on investigation being conducted by ISRA, it was found that songs from ISRA repertoire were played in the Kings XI Punjab matches without taking clearance from ISRA or payment of royalties as required by the Delhi High Court August 8, 2016 order. In a contempt application filed by ISRA against Kings XI Punjab, the defendant agreed to deposit the said amount of INR 3,76,160/- within one week and further assured that if any occasion for further deposit arises, the same would be deposited without waiting for an application to be filed. Binding the defendant to the aforesaid, the Court disposed of the contempt application.

ISRA’s CEO Mr. Sanjay Tandon has stated “No taking Singers and their Rights for granted. We keep a vigilant eye on prospective infringers. We would not like to go to court. But if these people for such paltry sums play high-handed.. then I am forced to knock the doors of the Court. Yes now onwards, ISRA will seriously pursue the establishment of Singers Rights and collection of their Royalties. Users may want to make arguments which they are most welcome but they should be aware that their liability started w.e.f 21st June 2012. They can argue till the cows are home. Once the Court decides, then there will be no room for negotiations and customer friendly understanding. That’s why I urge all users to seriously sit, discuss, understand and then do the needful rather than to jump to courts.  Singers would always love to receive their Royalty with a smile by the giver.  Hope better sense prevails is all I can say.”

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