John Doe suit filed for ‘Padman’ before Madras High Court

SPE Films India Pvt. Ltd, producer of the film ‘Padman’ have filed a John Doe suit before the Madras High Court to prevent piracy of the said film. The Madras High Court vide order dated January 22, 2018 [read order here] permitted a letters patent application to sue certain defendants (internet service providers and local cable operators) residing and carrying on business outside the jurisdiction of the court. The suit has been filed complaining possible infringement of the film which is scheduled to be released on Feb 9, 2018.

Madras High Court seems to be the popular destination for receiving John Doe Orders. Earlier this month, Madras High Court granted John Doe orders for the film ‘Padmaavat’. A suit was also filed for receiving John Doe order for the film ‘Qarib Qarib Single’. However in view of the suit falling under the commercial court division, the suit was withdrawn to be transferred to the appropriate forum which was recorded in order dated January 4, 2018 [read order here].

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