I&B ministry to set up web portal to give information on filming facilities in India

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has stated that it will set up a dedicated web portal to disseminate information on filming facilities available in the country.

“The portal will help potential production companies looking to shoot in India to obtain permissions, explore potential benefits and obtain an overview of various locations in India that could benefit the storyline of the film under consideration,” it said.

Besides facilitating the acceptance of application for shooting feature films and television and web shows, the portal will allow online payments and issuing permissions, the ministry said.

The portal would also provide information on locations and link to all state portals, it said.

The portal will facilitate the acceptance of the application for shooting feature films, TV and web reality shows along with the online payments. It will also provide information on locations and link to all state portals. It will also capture all the detailed information pertaining to a location, resources or facilities available in standardized format that would include basic location description, map, best time to shoot, connectivity, photographs, digital walk tour, permissions required, previous movies shot etc.

The portal would have a holistic database of the resources available in the Indian film industry including DOP, cast, crew, casting agents, line producers, service and facility providers as well as producers. This would not only help build reliability for the Indian producers who shoot abroad but also enhance their profile internationally, thus leading to greater international tie-ups and engagements.

Financial incentives will be provided to film makers for production of films under Audio Visual Co-production treaties other countries. Support for funding will be taken from the dedicated corpus funds. Policy guidelines for optimum and effective use of funds are meanwhile being prepared by the ministry.

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