Cosco India Ltd files a suit in the Delhi High Court against Flipkart for selling counterfeit products of Cosco

    In a plea filed by Cosco India Ltd against Flipkart Internet Private Limited & Ors [CS(COMM) 35/2018], for providing a platform to ‘unauthorized’ sellers to vend counterfeit sports goods and accessories under the trademark ‘Cosco’, (as per reports) the Delhi High Court has passed an order restraining Flipkart from selling allegedly counterfeit goods of Cosco on its website.

    Cosco submitted before the court that it is the owner of the trademark ‘Cosco’ and the sale of fake goods under the trademark ‘Cosco’ by sellers on Flipkart, which were neither procured from Cosco India nor any other authorized retailer of Cosco, resulted in a loss of crores to Cosco India. The issue with respect to damages and policing of goods on the e-commerce website would be heard by the court in subsequent hearings.

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