CBFC issues new directions for sub-titles in films

Central board of film certification has directed all filmmakers and production houses to include sub-titles during final screening before CBFC. In an official communication, the certification board has asked makers to submit an undertaking regarding the inclusion of subtitles in films.

The notice further states that makers will not be allowed to mend the final copy once certified by CBFC. According to CBFC, in several cases content was modified and screened without the consent of the film board.

The notice reads “It has been recently observed that a number of films are screened before CBFC and subsequently certified without any sub-titles. However, after certification, some of the films are found to be exhibited with sub-titles without even seeking endorsement of CBFC under Rule 33. As per Rule 22(3) of the (Cinematograph) Rules 1983, only the final version of the film is to be shown to the Examining Committee for certification purposes. It is therefore directed that all the applicants must submit an undertaking along with the application clearly stating that -a) subtitles are included or b) subsequently no subtitles will be added once the film is certified by the CBFC

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