Manmarziyan lands in controversy over objectionable scenes

As per reports, a petition has been filed in Jammu & Kashmir High Court by a Sikh organization over an objectionable scene in the film ‘Manmarziyan’ showing actor Abhishek Bachhan smoking after taking off his turban.

The Sikh organisation has objected to a few scenes where Abhishek Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu can be seen smoking cigarettes while acting as Sikh characters. They have also objected to the scene where Abhishek Bachchan, who plays a Sikh, can be seen removing his turban in an inappropriate way.

Reportedly, the petition states that a Sikh youth removing his turban after marrying is a violation of the fundamental rights described in Article 19 (2) and 25 of the Indian Constitution. It has also been pleaded that actors are the role models of the younger generation and if such acts objectionable are allowed in the religion, it gives wrong message in the society.

The director of the film Anurag Kashyap has issued a statement clarifying that the film is not commenting on a community, it talks about individuals and their choices and that guidance was sought from the Sikhs for the film. He has further said that cutting the scene would affect the story telling.

There are a plethora of judgements in which various courts in India have upheld the sanctity of the CBFC certificate and rejected such pleas post release of the film. The Cinematograph Act itself contains several provisions to ensure that any film which is likely to offend the religious susceptibilities of the people is not screened for public exhibition. Where a specialized expert body constituted for the purpose of exhibiting films has given a green signal to the film, courts have seldom interfered.

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