Malayalam director sues ‘Mohanlal’ makers for copyright violation

As per reports, writer-director Kalavoor Ravikumar has moved a court in Thrissur, Kerala against makers of the Malayalam film ‘Mohanlal’ which is scheduled to release on April 13, 2018.

Kalavoor Ravikumar has moved the court seeking a stay on the release of the film. He has alleged that the makers of the film have lifted his short story [Mohanlaline Enikkippo Bhayankara Pediyanu (I am terribly scared of Mohanlal)] without his consent.

Ravikumar had earlier raised a complaint with the Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) in August 2016. Ravikumar has stated that while FEFKA had intervened and directed the filmmakers to give him remuneration and due credit, the filmmakers have not obliged to the terms.

The makers of the film have denied the allegations made by Ravikumar.

The court has directed the makers of ‘Mohanlal’ to appear before it on April 5, 2018.

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