IPRMENTLAW WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS (October 26th to October 31st)

India Today seeks Rs. 2 crore in damages from Newslaundry for copyright violation and defamation

A month ago Newslaundry had claimed that YouTube froze its channel after the India Today group had reported it multiple times for copyright violation.

Aggrieved by Newslaundry’s actions, India Today group filed a copyright violation and defamation case against Newslaundry seeking damages to the tune of Rs. 2 crore.

Additionally, India Today also named a freelance journalist (Hridayesh Joshi) in their suit. Newslaundry has taken the responsibility to represent the freelance journalist.

Copy of the suit filed by India Today can be found here.

Sabyasachi mangalsutra ad with ‘semi naked models’ outrageous to Hindus: Lawyer sends notice

Mumbai based lawyer, Ashutosh J Dubey in his notice asserted that the use of semi-naked models in a mangalsutra ad was outrageous to the Hindu community and Hindu marriage.

The notice goes on to explain the significance of mangalsutra and its values in the Hindu community.

In his notice the lawyer has not failed to mention that the promotion of the mangalsutra was featured on heterosexual and same-sex couples.

The lawyer has demanded that the advertisement be pulled down and a public apology be issued within 15 days. The notice is dated 28th October, 2021.

Delhi High Court asks Twitter to remove objectionable images of Hindu goddess Kali

The Bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh directed Twitter to remove the images and respect the sentiments of the general public.

“The Grievance Officer of Twitter was informed that the said content put by twitter user @Atheistrepublic was in grave contravention of Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021 and non-compliance of the rules shall make Twitter lose its legal immunity provided under section 79 of Information and Technology Act, 2000. The said content posted by the twitter user @AtheistRepublic is abusive, insulting towards Hindu gods and Goddesses and has been put by the said user to cause hatred and ill will in the society,” the petition said.

Senior advocate Siddharth Luthra appearing for Twitter submitted that Twitter will abide by the directions of the Court and the same can be put in the order as well.

Reliance Entertainment CEO looks to buy Anil Ambani film firm via US SPAC

As per reports, Shibasish Sarkar, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is in discussion to buy the private movie studio as a management buyout by using funds from his special purpose acquisition company. The buyout of the company could be valued at Rs. 800-1,000 crore.

The discussions are on-going and a non-binding agreement could be signed by the end of the calendar year and by March the transaction should be concluded.

Karnataka High Court vacates injunction – Netflix allowed to stream blocked episode of ‘Crime Stories’

Justice BM Shyam Prasad had blocked the episode on October 1st. The order was passed in a petition filed by Sridhar Rao, an accused in the murder documented in the episode, ‘A Murdered Mother’. Rao had pleaded in the high court that the episode contained visuals of the investigation of the case by the police, and that some of the content could affect his defence.

The said episode chronicles story of the murder of a woman by her own daughter in Bengaluru. It also shows the daughter’s friend as a possible accomplice. The suspects were eventually arrested in Port Blair.

Chinese video platform Bilibili releases creator copyright protection program

The program offers services including cross-platform infringement content detection and one-click rights protection for individual creators in the video platform.

The program aims at protecting the original works of Bilibili creators. After joining the program, uploaders can begin to import their original content into the detection program. Bilibili will automatically display any infringing video links on other video platforms and the estimated broadcast volume of infringing videos, and automatically track the infringement of newly added original works.

The platform will start processing submitted infringing links within 3 working days, and inform the creator of the progress of rights protection by e-mail.

Dropbox settles ‘Smart Sync’ trademark case

Los Angeles-based Ironhawk Technologies had accused Dropbox of infringing a trademark for its “SmartSync” software after the file-sharing company launched its own “Smart Sync” feature in 2017 for accessing files in cloud storage.

The companies didn’t disclose details of the settlement, but said in a joint filing with the court that they had agreed to dismiss the case with prejudice, which means it can’t be refiled.